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Ohemeng Oware Jr, also known as DatArtGod, is a dynamic and talented visual artist hailing from Accra, Ghana.


With a journey that began as a self-taught graphic designer, he has evolved into a multi-disciplinary artist, exploring diverse mediums such as 3D, animation and motion design.

His distinctive creative voice is a fusion of technical prowess, a keen eye for aesthetics, and a deep understanding of various artistic forms.






Early Beginnings:

From the earliest stages of Oware’s life, his affinity for and engagement with art were evident. Memories of his childhood are filled with images of him shaping intricate sculptures from clay dough and constructing imaginative worlds using LEGO bricks.


As he grew, his artistic journey continued to flourish, with his drawing skills developing and his creativity finding outlets in activities like sketching and painting. His artistic explorations took a new turn in 2015 when he embarked on the journey of graphic design during his high school years.


These foundational experiences not only honed his artistic skills but also kindled a passion that would guide him on his path to becoming the accomplished and versatile visual artist known as DatArtGod.

Education & Professional Growth:

After completing his studies in General Science at Accra Academy, he moved on to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.


During his university years, he pursued a degree in Computer Science while also nurturing his artistic talents. Beyond academics, he embraced leadership, becoming the Deputy Publicity Head for the Student Representative Council (SRC) in his third year and the Entertainment Head of the Science Students Association (SCISA) in his final year. He co-founded HATCH, a prominent media group on campus.


After university, he excelled at renowned organizations like KOFAS Media, where he refined his skills from 2018 to 2019. Later, he continued to grow professionally at Eleventh Space Creative Agency for five months. In 2022, he teamed up with two creative minds to establish Messygods, a collective aimed at becoming a prominent creative and visual studio in the future.


Clientele & Freelance Work:

Embracing his role as a full-time freelancer, DatArtGod has harnessed eight years of creative experience to serve a diverse range of clients. His portfolio boasts an impressive list of collaborations with distinguished entities including;


Burberry, New Balance, 3Music Networks, Manju Journal, EMY Africa Awards, Mr Eazi, Detty Rave, Timaya, Kojo Antwi, Joeboy, FreeTheYouth, Bola Ray, Bey T, Star Assurance, Empire Sports Agency, PalmWine IceCream, Jermaine Bleu, Camidoh, and more.


This clientele underscores his versatility and adaptability across various industries.

Awards & Recognition:



- Most Outstanding Student Graphic Designer


- Most Outstanding Student Animator/Editor

- Most Outstanding Student Photographer




- 3D Artist Of The Year

- 3D Animator Of The Year

- Creative Influencer Of The Year


- Motion Designer Of The Year

- Graphic Designer Of The Year

- Creative Of The Year




- Art Director Of The Year


- Creative Of The Year

- Animator Of The Year

- Creative Influencer Of The Year

- VFX Artist Of The Year 


THURSDAY LATES - Solo Exhibition

In April 2023, DatArtGod curated his inaugural solo exhibition in collaboration with Trybe Africa, showcasing his evolution and innovation as an artist.


NEW COMMA - Nairobi Design Week

His global footprint extended to the Nairobi Design Week, where he exhibited alongside other artists curated by creative platform New Comma.


FANTASM - Group Exhibition

He participated in a group exhibition curated by Artswap in February 2023.

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